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Three Photo Strip Example

We rented our beautiful Vintage Booth for the Colusa Casino Benifit for the Red Cross.  This three photo example allows for a large logo on the top, but still retains the traditional 2x6 photo booth strip format


GoPro Camera in the Photo Booth!

Photo Booth from David Moss on Vimeo.

 Last Saturday's birthday booth in Roseville was a blast.  One of the guests brought his GoPro camera and mounted it in the booth and created this beautiful video of the event! 


Trash Photo Booth's - When a good deal really isn't

Recently, we spotted this flimsy photo booth at an upscale wedding in Sacramento.  The bride thought she was getting a great deal and saved herself several hundred dollars on a budget booth.  We call them 'Trash Booths'.  The bride had spent tens of thousands of dollars to make her wedding day beautiful in every way- and look what the cat dragged in.  Poorly built booths are also a liability- if the shoddy booth collapses on the guests and someone gets hurt, who is at fault?  - both the bride and the photo booth company.  I would also imagine was not the same booth as the booth photo the bride viewed online.


Jensen Photo Booth featured in Real Weddings Magazine Blog


Jensen Photo Booth was recently featured as part of the Wedding blog of Real Weddings Magazine
We had so much fun providing our booth at Tony and Negin's wedding celebration at the Villagio in Yountivlle, CA!  Photo courtesy Sam Wood, Sharp Photographers.

Another Vintage Booth Rave!



A write up on our fabulous Vintage photo booth appeared in the Real Weddings Blog today.   Newly married couple Michelle and Chris had this to say about renting photo booth:

"Each guest was provided a magnets for their pictures so they had an extra souvenir/gift from our wedding. We also had someone scrapbook all the pictures with notes from the guests. It was a fun option in lieu of the traditional guest signature book. Ours is still by far one of the most elegant books I’ve seen put together by a photo booth vendor. Our album is definitely one of our favorite pieces of memorabilia from our reception. We had a great laugh looking through it when we left our reception."